Nominations Are Now Open!!!

Each year potential leaders are nominated by members of the community and interviewed to determine their level of interest and commitment. Only 10 individual finalists and a few student leaders are selected to participate in the 30-day fundraising challenge.

Selection Criteria: The primary criteria used to select the finalists include evidence of a strong interest and commitment to making our community a better (and safer) place to live; a current job that includes some level of leadership responsibilities; indications that the applicant will be an enthusiastic learner and contributor within the peer group; evidence of a strong work ethic; professional maturity; and high personal standards for performance. The type, visibility, and size of one’s place of employment is not of major importance. Also, to the extent possible, we aim to select a cohort that includes diversity among a number of dimensions (e.g., gender, background, race, ethnicity, industry, job function). Finalists will be interviewed by phone or in person.

Nominations are now OPEN for 2023