More About Emerging Leaders

Emerging Leaders was formed in 2015 by community leaders with a desire to recognize and honor the contributions of Emerging Leaders who are making a difference in the community while raising support.

Founding Committee Members above left to right: Jason Reese, Sharre Whitson, Tricia Hibner, Greg Unger, and Ella Smillie.

“So many times, I heard negative comments about Millennials, yet I have personally witnessed the outstanding efforts of this generation and the next generation. They inspire me! I have a core value to honor those who are giving back and making a difference.” – Sharre Whitson

Get Inspired. Take Action!

It was the hope of the founding committee that honoring leaders would also inspire others to engage in leadership as well. It isn’t enough to just be inspired by leadership, but communities can be transformed if you take action.

You are never too young or too old to make a significant difference. The fundraising challenge is a key element of Emerging Leaders. The chosen Top 10 Leaders and Student Leaders engage in a fundraising challenge to raise support for youth based charities. Their leadership during the challenge has inspired others and demonstrated that taking action, regardless of how busy these leaders are, can make a tremendous difference.